Hot Home Security Topic: Reducing False Alarms

A lot has changed with fire alarm systems over the years, with systems getting increasingly sensitive, yet increasingly accurate. Fire alarm systems of the past suffered from “false alarm syndrome”  with systems being accidentally or unduly set off due to various circumstances. These occurrences led to “occupant conditioning” and residents began to ignore alarms. This…

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How Does Alarm Monitoring Work?

While shopping for a home security system, you will notice that most services advertise their alarms with “monitoring”, but what does that really mean?

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Monitored Smoke Alarm Systems: Not Your Father’s Smoke Detector

monitored smoke alarm systems

“Smoke detectors save lives”. A clichéd statement to be sure, but an accurate one. The American Red Cross says that the lives of 890 people are saved annually by the presence of a monitored smoke alarm system in the home. Sadly, 3,000 more lives are lost annually by homes that either didn’t have smoke detectors, or…

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