10 Reasons To Get Monitored Fire and CO Detection Today

You can find standard, stand-alone fire and CO detectors and alarms in every home improvement and department store. You can find them in homes all across America. They must be a highly effective option, right? The truth is they are not as effective as you may think and may provide you more peace of mind than actual safety.

As you consider your home security options concerning fire and Carbon Monoxide detection and alarms, here are some factors to weigh in to the process.

  1. Basic alarms rely on being heard to provide protection. If occupants are not home or do not hear the alarms, they do not provide any safety.
  2. Traditional alarms also rely on an outside source to call for help. That means neighbors must first hear the alarm and then act. Surprisingly, many people delay in calling because they assume someone else has already called or that the system is monitored and emergency services are already on the way.
  3. Monitored systems alert the occupants and summon emergency personnel immediately.
  4. Most fires are not “movie scene” fires. They often start as a smolder in a place you cannot see and cause life-threatening damage before occupants even know it is there.
  5. CO is an odorless, colorless and poisonous gas that can leave occupants incapacitated before they know there is a problem. An alarm that alerts only assumes that the CO has not already caused sickness and the sufferers can still get out on their own. A monitored system alerts, but also dispatches help.
  6. CO poisoning kills over 400 people every year.
  7. Children, elderly, or disabled persons may not be able to contact emergency services on their own.
  8. Not all fires occur when people are around to summon help. This could mean the difference between moderate damage and losing everything.
  9. Most fire related deaths are caused by smoke, not flame. Smoke can fill a structure much more quickly than fire can consume it in most cases, and far more quickly than most people realize.
  10. Monitored systems provide notification so residents that are away can return home to check on their home.

At GuardMe Security, we understand that the security of your family is your number one priority. We are proud to offer comprehensive home security systems that include fire and Carbon monoxide detection, and even more pleased to serve our community. Call today to speak with a knowledgeable, friendly representative about installation options for your home.

Craig Metzger
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