12 Reasons to Upgrade Your Vacation Home with Home Automation

Deciding how to upgrade your vacation home can be tricky. There are many things that will add value or make it more aesthetically pleasing, and it is easy to jump in enthusiastically without weighing all of your options. Here are some reasons to set aside the kitchen remodel and make upgrading your vacation home with home automation your top priority.

  1. You can fake occupancy even when you aren’t there. By using the video doorbell to answer the door, and by turning off and on lights and entertainment intermittently, thieves have a hard time telling whether the home is occupied or not which makes it less of a target.
  2. Having smart locks means you can let friends or family use the home without having to worry about keys.
  3. Smart security cameras allow you to check in on the property from your smartphone so you always know that everything is fine.
  4. Environmental sensors can pick up any signs of trouble such as carbon monoxide or water leaks and trigger an alarm and initiate emergency services.
  5. Tripped glass break and motion sensors initiate a push alert on your phone and can initiate emergency services for a tswift response.
  6. A smart thermostat can control the temperature for eco-friendly savings.
  7. Your smart home system can learn your normal usage patterns and minimize wasted energy by automatically turning off lights or adjusting the room temperature.
  8. The use of a smart garage door and smart locks increase safety. While you are busy vacationing, it is easy to forget to close the garage or lock the doors. If you do, your smart home system will send you alert and you can do it remotely.
  9. Home automation takes care of a long list of routine tasks so you can spend more time enjoying your well-earned vacation.
  10. If you rent your vacation home, home automation upgrades make your home more attractive to renters, which boosts your profitability.
  11. Home automation is considered a luxury amenity by renters and makes them feel well cared for in your home.
  12. Home automation upgrades protect your investment. You have already invested time and money into your vacation home. Home automation and home security systems help you keep your home and property safe, even when you are not there.

Headquartered in Old Bridge, NJ, GuardMe Security is a premier provider of monitored home alarms and home automation systems. Whether it is your primary home or a vacation getaway, GuardMe Security can help you with your home automation upgrades.


Craig Metzger
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