3 Things You Should Know About Burglary Prevention

The good news is that the incidents of burglaries dropped 7.8 percent last year according to the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting program.
The bad news is that there were still over 1,500 burglaries, or one every 15 seconds. That is still a significant number of robberies, and all of them provide important data on how burglaries happen. Here are three critical things you should know to help lower your chances of becoming a burglary statistic.

1 Burglars Look for Unsecured Entrances First

It seems like a no brainer—lock your windows and doors. But we often forget this and burglars know it. In fact, one in three residential burglaries are simple “unlawful entries” versus “breaking and entering”. This means that the burglar entered the home through an unsecured window or door.

2 Burglars Wait Until You Go to Work to Strike

The first priority of the burglar is to get your stuff. The second is to do it without getting caught. Because of this, they tend to work the same hours as you do. It surprises most people that most burglaries happen in broad daylight.

3 Burglars Evaluate Your Home’s Security

Just having a security system serves as a deterrence. In a study of convicted burglars, 83 percent said they checked for security systems before burglarizing a home. Over 60 percent said they would avoid homes with security systems and 87 percent said they would always or sometimes retreat if a security system was discovered in the course of a burglary.

One Important Solution

Smart home security is one solution that solves a multitude of burglary prevention issues. If you forget to lock your door, your system can send you an alert to remind you to tap the smart lock, close the garage door, or arm the security system. And when you leave, you can make it difficult or impossible to tell whether the house is till occupied or not by answering the door through the video doorbell and simulating activity in the house. You can also tap into security camera footage if you suspect unusual activity.

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Craig Metzger
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