6 Reasons to Install Home Security Cameras Outside Your Home

While it might seem like the actions of Big Brother, installing home security cameras outside your home (as well as inside) is the ideal way to keep an eye on what goes on outside your home. You can see who is entering your home (and when), and know that you can back up your suspicions with real proof.

Home security cameras are now available in wireless forms, so they take little time to install. They also come with infrared capabilities, so you can see in the dark.

Most homeowners are convinced of the need for a few home security cameras inside the home, but here’s why you will want to install them outside your home as well:

  1. Keep tabs on contractors, gardeners, and dog sitters. Having visual proof of what’s going on at your home is a deterrent for your regular visitors. If you suspect misbehavior of any kind, you’ll be grateful for the video footage.
  2. Know who is at the door. Criminals often ring the doorbell to see if anyone is home before they go around the back and break in. So seeing who is at the door makes a lot of sense – especially if you are not at home and your child is alone.
  3. Back up insurance claims. When you have to make a claim with your insur- ance company, video is a great way to show some hoodlums hauling your stuff out of the garage and into their truck.
  4. Discourage potential criminals. Criminals prefer to prey on easy marks and they don’t want to get caught. Having home security cameras outside your home – within view – gives them something to think about.
  5. Monitor your kids and other people’s kids. Whether they are engaging in wrongdoing or not, it’s a wonderful way to make sure things are going well when the kids are playing outside.
  6. Minimize potential disasters. If your elderly father likes to putter in the lawn, but you want to be sure he gets help when he needs it, you can keep an eye on him when he is outside the home. If he falls, you can send help quickly.

To learn more about installing home security cameras outside your home, call the experts at GuardMe Security: (800) 235-0644. Or click here to find out how security cameras outside your home can add extra protection. 

Craig Metzger
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