7 Tips to Keep Your Move Safe

Moving is both exhilarating and exhausting and exciting and stressful at the same time. It can also be a prime opportunity for burglary. While moving, people are distracted and have let down their guard. They are more likely to leave doors open and property out in the open and unattended. They may have the security alarm turned off. Burglars also know that there are usually many extra people around during a move, so their presence when you step away will not draw attention from neighbors. Burglary during a move may seem bold, but it actually makes the whole process easier. After all, things are already packed and labeled!
During a move, security may be the last thing on your mind, but no time is a good time to be lax in security practices. If you are planning a move, implement these practices to keep it safe.

Keep Security in Place

Even if you only have a few days left in the home keep all of your security measures in place, from security alarms and technologies such as security cameras to practices like keeping the doors and windows closed and locked.

Do Not Leave Your Belongings Outside

On moving day, do not leave your boxes outside while you make trips back and forth, or leave an open moving truck unattended. Both make it easy for an opportunistic thief to grab and go. Instead, unload your belongings into a secured space such as a garage.

Use Color Codes

Instead of labeling your boxes with a list of contents or what room it goes to use a color code. When you list what is in the box you are also providing that information to a would-be thief and make it easy for them to choose which boxes to take and which to leave behind. Even stating which room can tip them off to potential value. A box marked “bathroom” might have highly sought-after medications, “garage” may be tools or other easily sold items.

Keep an Eye on Both Properties Using Home Security Cameras

If you are making trips back and forth to a new home, do not leave either one unoccupied during the moving process if at all possible. If you can’t hold down two forts at once, use home security cameras and monitor them from your smartphone or another smart device.
Change Your Locks
Change the locks to the new home as soon as possible. There is no way to know how many people have a key to an older lock. Investing in a smart lock is a great option.

Do A Safety Check of the New Home

Before you move in, do a thorough safety evaluation of the home. Check the windows and doors and the strength of the locks. Find out if there are adequate smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Is the perimeter secure? Do you have enough lighting? If not, prepare to make some changes to increase security.

Call Local Home Security Professionals Before You Move In

Instead of waiting until you unpack and get settled, call home security professionals and have a home security system installed before you move in. Homes with home security systems are 60% less likely to be burglarized. Having a system will make your new home an unattractive target even during the moving process, which is a time of vulnerability.

Since we opened our doors in 1997, GuardMe has been proud to part of all of life’s exciting transitions. Whether you are moving to the area, or have new changes in your life, our custom integrated security systems meet your needs.

Craig Metzger
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