Advice for National Fire Prevention Week: Look, Listen, Learn

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It’s National Fire Prevention Week, and that means it’s time to “look, listen and learn” how home fires start. The more you know about how fires originate, the more effective you can be at preventing them from starting in your home. Here are some facts about fires starting in the home:

Half of all house fires start in the kitchen. So, keep an eye on the oven and keep combustible items away from the stove.

Only 7% of all house fires start in the bedroom. Mattresses are the most flammable objects in the bedroom, so keep candles and other flames away from them.

About 6% of all house fires are caused in chimneys. The most common reason for it is that people neglect to have them serviced. If residue is building up in your chimney, it’s time to have it professionally cleaned.

How Home Security Can Help

Of course, your home security technology can also prevent house fires. As a homeowner, making sure your smoke detectors are operating properly is your responsibility. If they are more than 10 years old, it’s time to replace them. Of course, smoke detectors are the law – but they aren’t always enough in a time of fire emergency.

A fire alarm that integrates with your home security system is the smartest way to protect your home from the threat of fire. If the smoke detectors sense a fire starting, they will communicate with your security system so that the alarm sounds and help is called immediately. This is the proactive response today’s homeowners need for fire protection.

About GuardMe Security

National Fire Protection Week is a great occasion to brush up on fire safety in the home, but fire safety should last long after the week is over. To learn more about fire alarms for home in New Jersey any time of year, contact GuardMe. We will be glad to answer your questions.

Craig Metzger
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