Automating Your Home and Life in 2020

Home Automation
If you resolved to enjoy every moment of the day in 2020, you’ll need technology to help you do it. One of the most useful is home automation technology, which can make home life simpler so you can enjoy the people and moments that mean the most to you. Here’s how it can help.

Restructure Your Nightly Routine

When there are kids at home, nightly routines are important: story time, cuddle time, tuck in time. These are precious moments you don’t want to miss – but when there’s a house to lock up, shades to turn down, lights to switch off, thermostats to adjust and a security system to arm, your moments get interrupted.
With home automation in your security system and an app that helps you control it, all those nightly tasks can be performed with a single tap on your phone app. In an instant, you’ve just restructured your nightly routine and recovered all that lost time with your little ones. What does this is a feature on your app called Scenes, where you can program up to four multi-command scenarios that automate your home and life.

Set Customized Scenes for Daytime

Bedtime isn’t the only time of day you can automate with the Scenes feature on your app. There are four Scene buttons total, and each one is a multi-device command that makes all your smart devices work together.
In addition to the Sleep scene we just described, your app has Home, Away and Wake Up scenes all built in. You can use them as-is, or change the commands to make them what you need them to be by adding lights, locks, doors, even your smart water valve. Change the names of the Scenes to fit your family’s needs, whatever those needs may be.

Doing More with Voice Command

If you rely on virtual assistants like Alexa or Siri, connecting those technologies to your home automation system can help you accomplish even more. Tell your system to perform the Wake Up scene in the morning, or to prepare the house for your arrival at night. With home automation technology on your side, you can enjoy life more in 2020. To learn more, ask us for a complimentary home automation consultation. We look forward to answering your questions.

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