How to Avoid Being Struck by Lightning

There are all kinds of old adages involving lightning strikes: “Lightning never strikes twice,” “I hope they get struck by lightning for that” and “You have a better chance of being struck by lightning” all come to mind.

Regardless, lightning strikes are no joke; they are extremely dangerous, and they can kill in many cases. As a matter of fact, there have been 24 lightning fatalities in the United States so far in 2017 (source: National Weather Service). So with stormy seasons and even hurricanes raging in many of our service areas, we want to take this time to address how to avoid being struck by lightning – and we want to do it with the sincerity and seriousness it deserves.

If you see lightning outside:

  • Get inside or stay inside. Don’t be tempted to watch a lightning storm outside. Yes, it’s beautiful; it’s also dangerous. Watch it safely inside your home or workplace. If you are driving, stay away from electrical lines and get to a safe place as quickly as possible.
  • Stay away from lightning conductors. Hard to believe, but lightning can flow through many different systems in your home, including landline phones and showers. Use them with caution during lightning storms or better yet, don’t use them at all – and, stay away from your and all your electrical boxes/outlets until the lightning stops.
  • Watch your children. Kids who aren’t scared of lightning may be fascinated by it instead. Watch them to make sure they stay inside; do not, under any circumstances, allow children to climb a tree to watch the lightning. Watch them around the aforementioned lightning conductors inside, too.

Of course, your GuardMe Security system may be able to tell you about any approaching lightning storms. If your system is not programmed for this, please let us know; we will be glad to implement this feature. If you like, we can also offer you home automation from GuardMe and This service will send important weather alerts directly to your smartphone. Ask us about either of these features today.

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