Avoid These New Homeowner Home Security Mistakes

home security during a move

Moving into a new home is an exciting time. It is also a time when most people are understandably distracted with a million details, like turning on utilities, decorating the new home, and unpacking. Unfortunately, criminals know that you are distracted and likely not giving home security much thought. This is what makes new homeowners, and the homes, targets for crime.

If you are planning on buying a new home, or relocating, avoid the mistakes that will make you an attractive target for crime.

Mistake #1 Being Distracted

Being busy during a move is completely understandable, but becoming distracted can make you an easy target for crime. Keep the possibility of crime on your mind and always look aware.

Mistake #2 Advertising Belongings

Criminals love to know what is going in to a home so they can gauge whether or not breaking in is worth the effort. If possible, unload your belongings quickly and move them directly into the home, rather than leave them in the driveway or yard in full view.

Mistake #3 Not Changing Locks

There is no way to know if a previous homeowner provided keys to others, or to whom. Change the locks to the home, garage, and gates immediately.

Mistake #4 Not Having a Home Security System Installed

There is no “grace period” for crime. Criminals know that you are busy and likely have not made the installation of a home security alarm system a top priority, making it the perfect time for them to strike. Do not wait to have home security systems installed.

Mistake #5 Not Having a Video Surveillance System Set up

Video surveillance systems are a visible deterrence as well as an excellent tool for keeping an eye on the property.

Mistake #6 Not Installing a Peephole in Your Door

If you have a new home, the door may not have a peephole. Criminals like that because they can get closer to your property and you have less time to react. If your door does not already have one, install one as soon as possible.

Mistake #7 Not Making the Property Unattractive to Criminals

New homeowners often forget to make an effort to make the property unattractive to thieves. Take time to cut back trees and shrubs, install fencing, and light up the property with outdoor lighting.

If you are buying a new home, take precautions to avoid becoming a target for crime. If you have questions about home security systems, video surveillance, or intrusion alarms, give us a call today.

Craig Metzger
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