Back To School Security Essentials For Parents This Fall

Back To School Security Essentials For Parents This Fall

Smart home security may seem like an expensive investment. However, it can lower insurance premiums, provide you with peace of mind, and grow with your family. Here are just a few of the things intelligent home security does to make your life easier.

Less Spare Keys to Worry About

Keyless entry means less keys for the family to keep up with. Gone are the days of placing extra keys outside so the kids can get in if they forget or lose theirs. The alarms system lets you assign a different access code to every family member. Now when they get home from school, they can enter the house with their code, and you receive an alert on your phone that they’re home.

So, what happens if they forget their code? Just tell them to push the video doorbell alarm, and you can let them in remotely. It’s easy and secure access.

Keep Your House Secure with Intelligent Reminders

Your kids’ memories don’t get better with age so it’s natural for them to forget to close the garage door or set the alarm. You can create smart reminders that notify you about security problems. Those same reminders can go to the whole family through the smartphone app so that the kids receive the notification too. It won’t take long for them to shut the door or set the alarm from wherever they are.

Smart Home Security Grows Up with Your Family

Smart home security is a flexible security solution, so it grows with your family. You may find that your security needs change or you need additional features to keep your household running smoothly. It’s easy to upgrade your system or change things so that you have the most up-to-date and secure technology. Talk to your security integrator if you want new services such as smart outside lighting or video surveillance. Updates are easy too because everything is done over the cloud.

Intelligent security fits the needs of your family now and always. It decreases your stress and increases the security of your home and property. An adaptable security solution makes life easier and simplifies household chores.

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