What Burglars Look for When Targeting a Home

You might think your home is secure, but could your home actually be an ideal target for burglars? There are specific reasons why burglars pick their target properties— from signs that you are not home to careless security. To protect your home, make sure you are not making it a target. Also, contact a local security company in New Jersey to have your home assessed for security threats.

Why Burglars May Target Your Property:

  • You Leave It Open – Nothing invites trouble more than unlocked windows, doors, unlocked gates, and garages (especially at ground level). Never leave windows open, even if they are on the second floor.
  • Plenty of Hiding Spots – High bushes, multiple trees and dark corners conceal burglar hiding spots. Here they can hide and wait for the perfect opportunity to break in. No outdoor lighting or bad lighting at night also gives burglars an opportunity to sneak around your perimeter without being noticed by neighbors.

Leaving Signs You Are Not Home

Lights off all night, mail piling up in the mailbox, newspapers piled on the driveway, etc. are signs you are not home and have not been. Always make your home look as though it is occupied, such as turning on the lights in the evening, opening blinds during the day, etc.

  • Not Using a Security System – Homes guarded by security systems are unappealing and less likely to be burglarized than homes without security systems.
  • Showing Off – Do not showcase expensive items, like leaving laptop packaging outside to let everyone know you just got a new one. Also, do not leave valuable jewelry or cash out in full view of your windows or doors.

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