Coping After a Burglary

Whether you come home and find your home has been broken into, or you are at home when an intruder breaks into your home, both scenarios are extremely frightening for you, your children, and anyone else in your home. The strong feeling of violation, fear, and even anger can be difficult to shake and these emotions can have lasting consequences.

While you and your family are facing a whirlwind of emotion and trying to heal, it’s important to take some critical steps at the very earliest opportunity to protect yourself so it doesn’t happen again.

Re-evaluate your Home Security

If you do not have a home security system, it is time to get one installed. If you already have a residential security system in place, it’s time to re-assess that system’s effectiveness.

  • Are all entry points covered – not just the one the intruder used to enter your home?
  • Can your home security system be activated remotely, in case you leave for work and forget to set the alarm?
  • Does your home security system need an upgrade for glass-break sensors, wireless activation, or security cameras to be more burglar-proof?

After a break-in, it is important to step back and make sure that your home security system is working for you in the best way possible.

Law Enforcement Advice for Burglary Prevention

When a burglary occurs, the local police investigating the crime may have some updated recommendations for your home security as well.

Criminals are always honing their craft, so if there is some new technique being used in your area, now is the time to learn about it and take the steps to upgrade your home security.

If you don’t already have a home security system in place, don’t be surprised if your local law enforcement recommends it. They may also tell you what features you should have installed with it for the best burglary prevention—a simple home alarm is no longer enough if crime is on the rise in your neighborhood.

Learn more about how a home security system can prevent future burglaries and break-ins. Call the team at GuardMe Security: (800) 235-0644. Or click here to ask a question about burglary prevention and protection from break-ins and intruders.

Craig Metzger
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