Don’t Use THIS Security Alarm Code

What if we told you that an intruder had a 10% chance of getting your security alarm code right? Would that shock you? It should! Here’s why.  In an analysis of 3.4 million 4-digit codes, by far the most popular security code was 1234.

You’ve Got to be Kidding. We’re Not.

Nobody really uses  1234 as a code, right? Wrong. The 1234 code accounted for an astounding 10% of the codes. That means an intruder could try that code on 100 homes and get into 10 of them, easily and undetected. That is reason enough not to use that code for anything, especially your security alarm code.

Don’t Use These Codes Either

Burglars know that it is difficult to remember so many different codes. After all, we have codes and passwords for everything from debit cards to social media. Because of this, savvy criminals know that you will likely use something easy to remember. Worse, it may be something pretty easy to figure out.

Codes starting with the number 19 ranked fifth in the data. That means there are many people out there using their birthdate or anniversary as their security code. That may be easy to remember, but it is also pretty easy to figure out. Today, most people have personal information such as birthdays and anniversaries posted publicly on social media. It does not take a rocket scientist to check the mailbox for a name, look up a social media profile and figure out possible likely codes.

How to Choose a Great Security Alarm Code

We totally sympathize with security code fatigue. It gets difficult to remember so many sets of codes. But it is still important to choose the most secure code possible. To do that, remember these important points:

  • The best codes for anything are completely random. It may be difficult to remember, but it is even more difficult to guess.
  • Do not use the last four numbers of your Social Security number
  • Do not use part of your phone number
  • Never use repeating numbers, like 4040, or 1212
  • Do not use the same number repeated, such as 1111, 2222, ect.
  • Never use sequential numbers either forward or backward, like 4567, 6789, or 6543
  • Do not use your street address
  • Do not use a pin you use elsewhere

Lastly, never write down your code and change it periodically. Sure, it will take memorizing a new code but it is worth the effort to keep your code secure. GuardMe Security is a single source provider for any security system, structured cabling, or automation project for your home or business. Contact Us today.


Craig Metzger
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