4 Tips For An (Almost) Stress-Free Move

Summer is the perfect time to plan a move with the kids out of school and vacation time ready. Even if you’d rather be on the beach in Hawaii, moving does not have to be a stress-inducing proposition. In fact, with the right tools and tips, you might have time to move and spend some time on a tropical island.

Whether you are moving across town or into our neighborhood, here are some tips to make the move safely and (almost) stress-free.

Pace Yourself When Packing

While a packing marathon sounds like a great idea, it can lead to problems down the road. Packing is exhausting work and being exhausted can mean you are less aware of potential dangers. It can also leave less time to pack well, which can mean lost, broken, or stolen items.

Use a Labeling System

Never label boxes with a list of contents or use general categories. This helps thieves prioritize which boxes to take first. A better way to stay organized without giving away information is to use a number or color coded system on boxes.

Secure Your New Home with a Home Security System

It is a good idea to have your home security system in place even before your official arrival. Would be burglars love homes where owners are in the process of moving. They know that typically people move the bigger, more expensive items first so they avoid being damaged. They also know that while you are in the process of moving you are more distracted and the house is likely easily breached during this time. Having a security system already in place can deter burglars before they strike.

Pack Some Personal Items As If You are Going On Vacation

Avoid having to unpack everything to find that one pair of shoes by packing a week’s worth of supplies for each person in suitcases or duffel bags. Also, consider packing a kitchen survival box filled with important appliances such as a hot plate, coffee maker, paper plates, utensils, and cups. This will reduce the need to eat out while you find and organize all of your kitchen supplies.

Use Mobile Apps for Your Monitored Home Security System

You can’t be two places at once but you can sure keep your eye on things while you are away. Using your cell phone, tablet, or other connected device you can check on your new home during the move to ensure things are safe and well.

About GuardMe Security – An Authorized Brinks Home Dealer

If you are getting ready to move to the area, give GuardMe a call before you start packing. From touch screen keypads to glass break sensors, motion detectors, key fobs and more, GuardMe Security has the most cutting-edge security available today.

Craig Metzger
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