Home Automation and the 5 Stages of Parenting

You may not have considered home automation in relation to help parenting, but you should. Parenting is one of the most monumental things we can ever do. After all, it is no small thing to have the care of another in our hands. That’s why it is so important to have all the right tools in place to help navigate the unique challenges that come with the various stages of raising children—and one of the most effective tools is home automation.
Here are some valuable ways smart home technologies can help you parent and provide some peace of mind in the process.

1. Infancy: Comfort

Having a baby in the home is a time of wonder, but it is also a time of adjusting to new needs and new concerns—like living and working while completely sleep deprived. Babies are sensitive to light, sound or temperature and wake with the slightest change. The key to better sleep is to keep those things constant. A smart thermostat and remote temperature sensors keep the room at a perfect temperature so baby is always comfortable. Window, door, and motion sensors also give you peace of mind knowing all is well.

2. Toddler: Activity

Once your little one is on the go, you need more than the eyes in the back of your head to keep track of them. Their life is fueled by curiosity and anything within reach is fair game. While you do not want to quench that curiosity, you do want to ensure their safety and be aware of their location by installing contact sensors around the home. Now, there is no backyard or early morning escapes and eliminates using danger zones as a playground.

3. School Age: Never a Moment to Spare

During the school years, there is hardly a moment to spare. If you are not running around taking children school, it is to a multitude of extracurricular activities on top of your already busy schedule. In our haste, it is very easy to forget to do things like lock doors, arm the security system, or turn off appliances. It does not take much to turn a small mistake into a catastrophic event. Thanks to home automation, it does not have to.

4. Teen Years: Managed Independence

Teens want and need some independence, but parents also need to keep the home safe and monitor that independence without sacrificing their dignity. Home automation provides the tools that can provide the oversight you want without taking away that independence. Tools like smart locks let you know when they get home (or leave) and video doorbells can let you know with whom.

5. Young Adulthood: College Years

The nest is never really empty, but when kids are off to college you can leave home easily to go visit or travel knowing that your home is secure. Home automation can let you manage the home from afar and make it look like you are always home which reduces the risk of break-ins.

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