Home Automation For The Busy Parent

Modern parents are always on-the-go and looking for the next smart technology that can make their lives just a little bit easier. There are home technology upgrades that can be made for practically every part of the parenting process. Today’s parents are the trendsetters when it comes to home technology and two-thirds of parents who own homes say that they’re interested in owning home tech. One big reason for this is because parents are often very focused on keeping their household and family as safe as possible.

Comfort level also plays a big role – home technology can be used to make everyone comfortable and keep the day running smoothly. Another reason why parents are so in-the-know about current home tech is because due to their busy lives, they only have time to invest in the best.

There’s not a lot of technology that’s allowed into the home, especially if it’s not going to be completely helpful and worthwhile. Reliability and usability are both important, and tech cannot waste a parent’s precious time. Here’s how to know if you’re a good match for home automation from GuardMe:

1. Safety is a priority in your house.

Safety and security are the two most important aspects of GuardMe Security. Your smart home will benefit from a host of safety features, including professional monitoring, protection from crashes and smashes, automatic safeguards, protection from smoke and CO, and a cellular connection. There’s also plenty of child-proofing that goes into GuardMe Security systems, including contact sensors with alerts in real-time, plus motion-activated lights.

2. You wish household tasks could be made easier.

It’s not always easy to take a full day off of work because you have to wait around for a contractor to show up. With GuardMe Security, you can use user codes and smart locks to remotely let in the contractors you trust. See who’s at your door with the WiFi-enabled doorbell camera, speak with them via your smartphone and open your garage door so that deliveries can be safely left inside.

3. You want to automate everyday tasks.

GuardMe Security uses geo-technology to perform routine tasks in the house based on your location. For example, when you get home, your outdoor lights can automatically turn on and your garage door can open. When you’re on your way home from the office, your thermostat can change to that your home’s temperature is just right.

4. You love easy-to-use technology.

GuardMe Security technology powered by Alarm.com isn’t just useful, but it’s also easy to use. You can control everything from your smartphone. Plus, everyone in the family can be setup to access the system through their smartphone.

GuardMe Security is your local home security and automation company, leading the way in advanced home automation technologies. Contact us today for a free consultation and schedule installation.

Craig Metzger
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