Home Automation and Fire Safety? It’s More Important Than You Think.

When we think of fire safety and fire prevention some things automatically come to mind, like having smoke detectors or practicing an escape plan. While those are valuable and lifesaving practices, it is also important to consider if there are additional ways we could improve our fire safety and prevention plans. One incredible but under-utilized tool in fire safety, prevention, and management is home automation.

Fire does not discriminate. A fire event can happen to anyone, at anytime and anywhere; and it is up to us to be as ready and as proactive as possible, using all of the tools we have available to us to their fullest capacity. Home automation is more than just incredible technology that simplifies many facets of our lives; it can actually play an important role in our fire safety plans.

Fire Prevention and Home Automation

The best way to stay safe in a fire is to prevent one from happening in the first place. Home automation provides fire prevention support in several helpful ways. Forgetting to turn off common fire causing appliances, such as coffee pots, curling irons, clothes irons, and toaster ovens accounts for a substantial number of home fires each year. Home automation allows you to either schedule turn off or turn off enabled appliances remotely from your smartphone, tablet, or pc so you can always be sure to do all you can to prevent ignition caused by home appliances.

Limit Possible Damage Caused by Fire

One of the problems with fire is that if we are away from home when they occur, there is very little we can do— or is there? If you have an integrated monitored home security and home automation system, you can do something the minute you get a fire event alert. You can remotely turn off your air conditioning or heating system. Fires spread very quickly. In fact, it only takes five short minutes for a home to become absolutely enveloped in flame. Fire needs oxygen to burn and a running air conditioning system is a lot like fanning the flame. If you take that alert as an opportunity to turn off the air system you can buy a a little extra time when every second counts.

It is easy to put off making fire safety plans because it is a difficult and sobering subject. While it is hard to think about, these efforts can ultimately, either prevent or limit the damage caused by fire. GuardMe Security is a single source provider of home security and home automation systems. Family owned and operated, we take the needs of your family seriously. If you have questions about how home automation can boost your fire safety plan, place give us a call.

Craig Metzger
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