Home Automation & the Ultimate Man Cave

Every guy wants a space totally dedicated to relaxation—a retreat away from all the pressures of the day. And of course, every guy wants that space to be amazing. So, if you are planning the ultimate man cave, let us help you out with a few tips.

Pick the Perfect Space

Choose a space that is best suited or most easily adapted to converting to a man cave. You will want to consider things like having enough space for furniture and equipment, a lower ceiling for optimum acoustics, and fewer windows for best theater lighting.

Choose One Comfort Piece

A man cave can fill up fast so begin by choosing that one piece of furniture that will define the space, whether it is an incredible sofa or theater chair. If you have a larger space, you can always add more pieces, but get the most important pieces in first and build around them. After all, you need to reserve some room for the mini-frige and the popcorn machine.

Choose the Right Television

Not every television is best for every space, and sometimes the biggest isn’t necessarily the best. Keep in mind the recommended viewing angle and distances. There are online distance calculators to help you figure out if the television of choice is a good fit for your space. Typically, however, the recommended viewing distance is 1.5x the diagonal measurement of the television, so you want to ensure there is enough space from the seating area to the television.

Automation is a MUST

Even if you call Google “the Google” or still say “www” when giving a website address, you need the latest automation technologies in your man cave. Don’t worry, you do not have to be techy to manage home automation, and that is kind of the point. Automation can manage all of the details for you, from adjusting the temperature to managing sound and lighting. You can set up scenes triggered by your actions, so if you turn on the television the lights go off, so you have the perfect atmosphere for enjoyment every time you enter the room with zero effort—and that’s what a man cave is all about, right? You can be totally in sync with just one tap on your app.

GuardMe Security has been a premier provider of home technologies for over 20 years. If you want more information about how to use home automation in your ultimate man cave, give them a call today.

Craig Metzger
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