Home Automation Wins: Those Moments When You’re Glad You’re Connected

Some folks find all this connectedness a bit overwhelming. Undoubtedly, we live in a time like no other with smart technologies putting nearly everything in our lives at our fingertips. And, yes, it could be easy to get lost in all of it, should you not have the advantage of one amazing interface like a smart home security app (which we highly recommend). When you have that however, you pretty much have it all. And once you have it all at your fingertips, you find there are a great many moments that you’re really glad you’re connected.

Did I Turn Off the Appliances?

You’ve just made it to work over an hour away and you are suddenly seized with that horrible feeling when you realize you left a dangerous appliance on. Or you think you did. Maybe you did. No, you’re sure you did. Now what? Lucky you, you just saved two hours of extra driving, and maybe your job– you can take care of that connected appliance via your smart home app in an instant.

The Door Was Never Locked

With the kids going in and out a million times, and having to rush off to endless appointments and activities it’s easy to see how that door never got locked or how the security system never got armed. It doesn’t make you feel any better though, and what good is a security system is it’s not actually on, right? Well, now you can see the status of the system, arm it if it’s not on and lock your smart locks all from wherever you are– from work to sports practice.

The Packaged Finally Arrived, But You Aren’t Home

You waited at home for hours but the moment you step away, that’s when the package arrives. With a video doorbell and smart lock you can verify the arrival, and even instruct the delivery person where to place it.

Why is That Door Open?

When you have children it is essential, but near impossible, to keep an eye on them around the clock. It’s that one moment you turn away that they slip outside or get into the storage area and into the cleaners. When forbidden doors are opened you know through an immediate alert and can avert what could have been a tragedy.

Did The Kids Get Home?

It is always an agonizing time when the kids should be home but you have not yet received a call. Or you really want to give them a bit of independence but they still need some oversight so you debate whether to call and make sure they’re safe. You are glad you’re connected when they punch in their unique code to disarm the system, or when you can see the security camera feed.

You Are Not Home To Defend Against Calamity

You are nowhere near home but at that very moment, a fire breaks and erupts in the attic. It could be far too late before someone from the outside even notices. With smart security and 24/7 monitoring, you and emergency services know as swiftly as possible.

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