Home Security Cameras: Professional vs. DIY


Home security cameras are a fantastic choice for homeowners just starting out with home security, but it’s important to understand that not all home security cameras are the same. In fact, many of the cameras you encounter on the retail shelves are not connectable to a home security system.

That’s why it’s so important to purchase your cameras from a home security integrator. An experienced security integrator will be able to connect the cameras to your security system, giving you the following advantages.

Dynamic Notification Features  

Connected home security cameras have unique features that off-the-shelf cameras from retailers simply don’t have. One of the most dynamic features is the ability to alert the homeowner when there’s motion being captured on any of the cameras. Just tap on the alert and view the video clip from your smartphone.

And if an alarm event happens due to a potential break-in that triggers the alarm, this will prompt the cameras to begin recording immediately. You’ll receive an alert and the monitoring center will contact you. Plus, your video alert clips are sharable; you’ll be able to download them and show them to police, or post on social media to warn others.

Scalable Intelligence Features

If your system is programmed to send a video alert every time someone walks in front of the camera, then you may be on notification overload. Often, you may receive an alert simply because family members are going in and out of the house. Eventually, it becomes a nuisance and you could miss a true security emergency because the notification was ignored. 

That’s why the scalable intelligence of connected cameras is so vital. The integration with the system allows homeowners to personally select the events that will trigger a video alert. These alerts can be filtered based on what camera is capturing the motion, and what time of day it’s captured. And if you don’t want any alerts at all for the day – for example, because everyone is at home and the system is unarmed? Simply pull out your smartphone and turn off notifications until you’re ready to receive them again.

Family Management Features

Then, there are those every day events you do want to see on video – the kids coming home from school, for instance. Because your cameras are connected to your system, you can program a once-a-day video alert when the kids use their unique user codes to open the front door. The same goes for when the babysitter arrives or a visitor from out of town is coming. If someone is expected to arrive, program the system to send you a video alert when they use their unique entry code. 

These are some of the most noteworthy ways connected home security cameras differ from those that come off the retail shelf. To find out more about connectable cameras that integrate with your smart home security system, contact GuardMe Security to request a complimentary home security consultation.

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