Home Security: How To Avoid Being Robbed In 2016


To avoid becoming a victim of home burglary, it’s helpful to understand what happens during a robbery. When a burglar looks at your home, does he see himself sneaking away with mounds of easy loot? Inversely, does it look like too much work, too much time and possibly a quick ride in the back of a black and white car? Read on to consider what puts your home into one of these two categories.

Case the joint. A burglary usually begins with the bad guy evaluating the potential target. Are there plenty of bushes around to give cover for someone not wanting to be seen? Can the burglar determine if you are away from home judging by a lack of cars in the driveway and mail overflowing from the mail box? A gate that is left open says that you are careless and you may not have dogs.

Be frightening. This stage is the best time to frighten a crook away. If the prowler can clearly see that you have it together, he may think twice about whether or not your home is the easy payday he is looking for. Motion detecting lights are an unwanted discovery for any burglar. Internet enabled intercom and security cameras make a thief rethink his intentions. Be sure to consider putting a security camera around the back side of your home as well as the front. While you are at it, go down to the local dollar store and buy a big dog food bowl. Set this behemoth sized bowl out where it is visible. The message is clear.

Getting into your home. Most illegal entries will take place from the side of the house that affords bad guys enough privacy to work undetected. A bandit will be looking for an unlocked window or the ever delightful sliding glass door. To prevent your sliding glass door from presenting a security weak point, lock it and use a pole placed in the track to block it shut. You may also consider installing a locking pin in the sliding glass door frame. At this point, an audible security alarm with the control panel mounted out of view is a great deterrent. Arm your alarm every time you leave home and your chances of a burglar completing a robbery at your house go down by roughly 75%.

A burglars first stop is your bedroom. Most burglars assume that the highest value items are kept somewhere in the master bedroom. Items like guns and jewelry are low hanging fruit to an uninvited pilferer. Keep firearms and jewelry safely locked up and in a non-obvious place. If you do have a home safe, be sure to have it attached to the floor to ensure that it isn’t simply carried off.

Time is fleeting. When a burglar feels like he has plenty of time to spare, he will then move on to rummaging through the rest of your house. You can be a frustrating part of your intruders day if you remember to lock up prescription medications and important documents. Always use a password to protect your computer. Put small electronics such as cameras and music players away so that they require more time and motivation to find. Larger electronics such as televisions should be bolted to the wall. Most time-crunched larcenists will not take the time to locate the tools to remove your firmly mounted television.

Tell them to take a hike. The above tips will issue a clear message to a potential thief. That message is usually quite easy to read: “This home is not an easy target.”

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Craig Metzger
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