How Home Security Makes Life Less Stressful

Alarm systems do not just protect your home, they make your life easier. Whether you own a business or home, today’s alarm system is meant to make life stress-free.

How Alarm Systems Help Business Owners

  • Peace of Mind – You can check in on your business while at home, on the road or even while you are on vacation. If you have multiple offices and/or locations, you can still keep an eye on daily operations even if you are not able to physically visit each location.
  • Suspicious Activities – Motion-detection lights in and around your commercial property will eliminate hiding places for thieves and criminals.
  • Awareness – You are not only aware of possible thefts, but employee activities too. An alarm system with video monitoring allows you to check in on employees, see how they treat customers and even catch employee theft.

How Alarm Systems Help Homeowners and Busy Professionals

  • Mobile Monitoring – From wherever you are, you can check-in on your home via a mobile or computer-based app.
  • Mobile Activation – You can activate your alarm even if you are not home; ensuring your home and belongings are protected at all times.
  • Emergencies – Alarm systems offer two-way communication with emergency professionals in the event of a fire, burglary, etc. for faster responses.
  • Immediate Alerts – Home alarm systems will report alarms even if there is no Internet or phone connection. Some systems can still report an alarm even if the control panel is smashed or damaged. Also, motion-activated cameras allow homeowners to see who walks on their property, enters their driveway, etc. for better monitoring.
  • Customized Notifications – You can set up custom notifications so you know what is going on at your house. For example, you can set up a special code/notification for your house-sitter and be notified when that code is used in your home.

Learn more about how an alarm system can make your life easier by contacting your GuardMe, your local home security service. GuardMe Security can schedule a no-obligation consultation with you to assess your home or office alarm needs. 

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Craig Metzger
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