Home Security Tips for New Home Owners

Now that the ink has dried and escrow has finally closed, we want to welcome you to the neighborhood. We have to admit that we are pretty partial to living and working in New Jersey. There are so many interesting elements to the area, and one of the best is that it really is a community. We look out for each other here, and pass along helpful advice whenever possible. As a new resident, we’d like to share some valuable information on how you can stay safe and secure in your new neighborhood.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

We know you have a lot of unpacking to do, but make getting out and introducing yourself one of the first things you do. Get to know the people in your neighborhood and ask them to keep an eye out for unusual activity.

Ask Good Questions

Find out everything you can to make living in your new neighborhood safe. For example, ask about the safest walking routes to the schools or other areas you might frequent. Ask about any locations that you should avoid or what times they should be avoided. Find out what crimes are most common in the area and what others do to avoid them.

Change The Locks

Changing the locks should be the first thing you do, even before you start moving your belongings into the new home.

Evaluate Your New Home’s Security Needs

Conduct a security evaluation for your new home. Look for any security challenges such as:

  • Forgotten areas of access
  • Areas of weakness such as doors, windows, and garage doors and entries
  • Overgrown landscaping
  • Lack of lighting
  • A need for fire and carbon monoxide detectors

Find ways to address those concerns by adding home security features like door and window sensors and improved lighting.

Security Needs Change

Security needs change throughout the day and week. And how we address those needs must change as well. Ask yourself questions such as how often and how long will the house be empty on a regular basis and in what ways could you improve security while you are away. For example, consider ways home security and home automation could help protect the home by making it appear occupied at all times.

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Craig Metzger
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