How To Protect Your Family From Home Invasion

Authorities have been on the hunt for the perpetrators of recent aggressive home invasions in Old Bridge.  Just in the past month, there have been two in Old Bridge, one in Edison, and one in South Plainfield. But, these are not just any type of home invasion; the burglars are violent and have already injured two people and terrified three separate communities.

What Police Do Know

While the investigation is ongoing, police have little to offer concerned residents regarding this string of home invasions. In fact, police are not even sure if it is the same group or a coincidence that these have all happened around the same time. But, what they do know is that two residents were assaulted in their homes and one was hospitalized briefly to recover from their injuries.

What Can You Do About Your Home’s Safety?

Old Bridge residents can protect themselves from these vicious home invasions by following these simple steps:

  • Lights – Keep your exterior lights on, including those for porches and backyard sitting areas. By leaving the lights on, you allow less privacy for robbers to sneak around the perimeter of your property and it may even deter them from picking your home altogether.
  • Look First – Before opening your doors to exit your home, look around to make sure there is no one hiding outside. Also, if you can, pull into your garage and make sure it is secured before getting out of your car and entering your home.
  • Keep Gates Locked – Any access gates to your property should be locked so that burglars cannot gain easy access to your backyard or the back of your home.

Contact the Authorities – If you see anyone around the neighborhood you do not know or see something suspicious, call 911 the local authorities right away. Police have been urging residents for assistance to help catch these robbers.

  • Install a Home Security System – With perimeter monitoring, security lights and even surveillance cameras, you may be able to provide your family with a little peace of mind. Also, burglars may be deterred if they know you have an alarm system.

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