Learn How Smart Home Security Can Make You Your Family’s Halloween Superhero

Learn How Smart Home Security Can Make You Your Family’s Halloween Superhero

While Halloween is one of America’s most amusing holidays, it’s also a night filled with property crimes and plenty of mischief. However, your family won’t be scared this year because you’ve got a smart home security system that makes you look like a superhero.

Smart Home Security Alerts You to Everyday Security Problems at Your Home

Property crimes tend to be crimes of opportunity. Burglars take advantage of open windows or a garage door left open. With security alerts, your system notifies you when there is a security problem, whether you’re home or not.

The system will send an alert to your smartphone to remind you to close the garage door or open window. All you need to do to correct the problem is tap the button in the alert, and your security system closes the garage door. While it can’t close the open window, you can text the kids at home and tell them to shut it.

It Doesn’t Just Protect Your House

Despite what some people may think, a Rutgers University study showed that your house’s security system deters crime at houses near yours as well. The more security systems that a neighborhood has, the less likely houses there will be targeted for burglaries. Thanks to you and your security system’s superpowers, the whole neighborhood is safer.

Video Surveillance Helps Law Enforcement Identify the Bad Guys and Catch Them

Whether a crime happens at your house or next door, your security cameras may catch everything. It can provide the identity of suspects involved in multiple burglaries because, let’s face it, burglars usually don’t break into homes just once. Your video doorbell may also catch helpful camera footage.

All of the smart clips sent to your phone get saved on the cloud, making it easy to share with law enforcement. Your surveillance may bring some heinous criminals to justice and present the evidence necessary to investigate crimes in your neighborhood.

smart home security system is not just an excellent security solution for your home but the whole neighborhood too. You’ll look like the superhero you deserve to be recognized as and make holidays such as Halloween safer for everyone.

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