Local Alarm Companies vs. the Big Brands: Alarm Monitoring Pros and Cons

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Local alarm and big brand alarm companies all have the same goal no matter where they’re located: to protect your family and home or business and employees. While both have the same goals, there are some pros and cons to each choice.

Pros and Cons of Big Brand Alarm Companies

We constantly see commercials on tv for the big brand alarm companies. For this reason, many people decide that these companies are the best to entrust with the security of their business or home. One of the primary benefits of choosing a well-known brand is the recognition associated with their name.

However, once you get to the local level, the big brand company’s reputation may not be the same with its local dealers. Make sure you research reviews for the specific dealer in your area to get an accurate picture of their reliability and reputation. Many people find that these reviews focus on subcontracted services and inflexible contracts that make people feel trapped.

Pros and Cons of Local Alarm Companies

One of the most significant benefits of local alarm companies is that they are usually personally invested in the community and their customers. This investment in the customers’ and community’s security and happiness is because they share the common bond of the area that they live and reside in.

Many times, this connection is reflected in the design of their equipment and high company standards that can match the big brands. Contrary to the major alarm company, the local company has a working relationship with local law enforcement as well. Now, the big brand company can also achieve strong connections through their local dealers because they find themselves invested in their community and customers.

The downside of a local alarm company is that they don’t have the reputation that larger alarm companies have. Some may not have the ability to monitor your alarm if the local alarm company is really small.

There’s a certain security attached to the knowledge that a large alarm company with an excellent reputation and superior alarm monitoring is protecting your home or business. However, the personal investment in their customers and communities makes local alarm companies an alluring option. Whatever choice you make, be sure to do your research and investigate the reviews of each of your alarm options.

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