Looking for Greater Control of Your Life in 2017? Look No Further.

It is that time again—time to take stock of our lives and choose a few places where we can make an effort to improve. What should it be this year—weight loss, better organization, or improved productivity? It is a daunting process and for most of us, the resolutions never last long, try as we might. This year, we can do things differently. We can choose to do one thing that can be a part of vastly improving nearly every facet of our lives.

Home Automation Is the Flashpoint of Change

Sometimes one simple change can lead to a network of other changes. When that happens, it’s profound. That is exactly true of home automation. Adding a home security and automation system to your life can impact every other area of your life and make those things much more successful. That means you can finally follow through on all those New year’s resolutions.

New Habits Take Longer Than We Thought

We’ve all heard that “it takes about 21 days to form a new habit”, a generalization noted by a plastic surgeon in the 1950’s then often repeated. New studies both back and refute this generalization. In a study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology Phillippa Lally and a research team found that the time it takes to develop a new habit can vary widely from person to person and depending on the new habit being formed. They found it can take anywhere from 18 to 254 days, or 66 days on average to form a new habit. Having the right tools and support makes a huge difference in successful change.

Home Security and Automation Technology is an Impetus to Change

When it comes to having the right tools to support change, home automation is the unlikely hero that has your back. Here’s how.

  • Saving Money. One of the top resolutions is to save more money. Home automation technologies can help your home run more efficiently and add to your savings. Automation technologies can help you save on heating, cooling, and electricity—and those savings can really add up.
  • Improved organization. Who doesn’t want to be more organized, right? Home automation can help you keep track of all the pieces in your life like, the goings and comings of the kids, package arrivals, energy management, and security all remotely and on the go from your mobile device.
  • Improve productivity. Getting more done in a day is always a good thing. Home automation can help you achieve much more every day by streamlining a multitude of time robbing tasks. Even better, you can use home automation to support other productivity efforts. You can schedule entertainment to turn on after the workday or homework time, and have the lights turn on in the morning so you get up even if you want to hit snooze for the tenth time.
  • Support weight loss. With all of your extra time in your super organized day you can spend it developing a healthy eating plan and hitting the gym.

Bam. Resolutions done.

GuardMe Security provides smart integrated technologies that improve how we manage life. For more information, call GuardMe today.

Craig Metzger
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