For the New Year, One Word. Simplify.

Overworked, overwhelmed, over-scheduled. These are three things common to most adults, and these three things lead to a depleted and unsatisfying life. Yet we get so caught up in the business of trying to manage the next moment that we fail to really make changes that contribute to a truly better life. So, what should we do? Simplify. When we build a life centered on simplification, we find that everything becomes richer, fuller and more satisfying. Here are some practical ways you can simplify your life so you can add more meaning to every day.

Ask Yourself This One Question Every Day

Every true and lasting change starts with a commitment to a foundational belief and overreaching goal. To clarify your goal in your mind, ask yourself this all-encompassing question, “Who do I want to be?” Do I want to be a frazzled person living from one task to the next, or do I want to become a person who is deeply satisfied with life and maximizes every opportunity to the fullest? The choice is ours.

Own the Change

Instead of going through the day ruled by achieving the next task, let who you want to become guide the way you approach every task. Let it become the filter through which everything passes. Soon, you will find ways to simplify every area of your life by making small but very important changes. Here a just a few examples.

  • Form a carpool to get kids to school and extracurricular activities.
  • Enlist the help of others and delegate when possible.
  • Weed out nonessential things and activities.
  • Use technology as a help instead of a time robber by getting things done online off hours, using home automation and security technologies to streamline tasks.
  • Check email and social media once a day.
  • Narrow down extra pursuits to one or two main objectives or activities instead of spreading yourself between many.
  • Choose one small place of your life to organize each day.

Strengthen Your System

No system works perfectly right from the start. As you go along, fine tune your system to most strategically fit your life. If you continue to ask yourself that one question, you will continue to find new ways to leverage your tools. If making life better and not getting to the next task is the goal, it becomes your secret superpower. It means going from standing in lines to pay utilities you use bill-pay, or set up automatic purchases for regularly used items instead of having to run to the store. It becomes the difference between having home automation simply automate indoor air climate and using it to eliminate worries like knowing what is going on at home. Every day becomes a new opportunity to change and improve your system, and your life.

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Craig Metzger
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