It’s Not Just in The Movies. Burglars Do Return to the Scene of the Crime

“Burglars always return to the scene of the crime”. We’ve all heard it before, and probably dismissed it. Returning to a home that has already been burgled seems like a ridiculous waste of time, not to mention dangerous. Why would any burglar return? It does not happen in every instance, but it does in fact happen frequently. Understanding why can help prevent it from happening to you.

You and Your Neighbors are at Increased Risk

If you have been recently burglarized, both you and your neighbors are at increased risk of being burglarized in the near future, crime retorts show. Most often the second crime is committed by the same person or persons as the first, but not always. In some cases, the second crime is committed by another criminal who also found your home or your neighbor’s home an attractive and easy mark for the same reasons.

You’ve Restocked

Burglars know that you will most likely replace stolen items once insurance has a chance to pay the claim, usually within 6 to 8 weeks. Now all of those popular items such as televisions and other valuable electronics are all new, making them even more attractive.

They Know Your Home

Another reason a burglar would return to your home is that they already invested time in getting to know the layout and learning more about you. The first time they took what they could; the second time they know what else there is to take and exactly where to find it. In the burglar’s mind, going back saves time.

They Know Your Security Measures

If you get burglarized, it is likely that you do not have a home security system. Burglars are up to 60% more likely to avoid a home with visible security. Once they make entry, they know all they need to know about your security measures—or lack of them.

They Have a Reason to Go Back

Sometimes a burglar returns to the scene of the crime because they want a specific item they may have seen the first time. It may be an item that required more work, or is something for which they now have a buyer.

You Will Be Caught Off Guard

Who really thinks a burglar will come back once they have taken what they want? After a crime, you are busy just getting things back on track. What burglars take, such as computers, can impact your ability to work. They may have taken irreplaceable family heirlooms which has left you heartbroken and vulnerable. Crime takes an emotional toll and criminals know a good time to strike again is while you are off kilter. It’s an ugly tactic, but crime is merciless.

Avoid becoming a victim of crime. Review the security measures you have in place and find out more about how home security and home automation can provide valuable layers of protection. Since 1997, GuardMe Security has been working to help the community equip themselves with the most effective tools available to deter crime and provide security.

Craig Metzger
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