Protecting Your Emergency Cash at Home

Everyone should keep some amount of cash on hand in their home for emergencies. How much cash you keep is entirely up to you, but it is imperative you properly store it. Placing cash under the mattress used to be the common practice. However, in the event of a burglary, that spot is one of the first places burglars will look for household cash.

4 Places to Hide Emergency Cash at Home

To safely hide your emergency cash, you need to think like a burglar, and think of those places a burglar would never look. To help get you started, here are five clever places to hide your emergency cash. You can store all of your money in a single spot or spread it amongst multiple places.

  • False Infrastructures – You can construct false fixtures around your home for cash storage, such as a fake return air vent in the living room wall or a power outlet that is not really an outlet.
  • Conspicuous Places – Sometimes hiding your cash in the open is the easiest way to ensure it is never found. If you have an extensive library in your house, hollowing out a “money book” is the perfect way to hide money in plain sight. Even hiding cash in a blank envelope in a box of envelopes can be a clever, yet conspicuous hiding place.
  • In a Household Safe – If you have a heavy-duty safe, it may be all you need to store your emergency cash. Floor safes or built-in safes are best because the burglar cannot leave the house with them.
  • Furniture – A burglar will not have hours to search your home; in fact, most will want to be in and out in a few minutes. You can hide your emergency cash in the furniture in spots a burglar is unlikely to look, such as a hollowed out table leg, under the upholstery of a dining room chair or even taped in an envelope under a drawer or piece of furniture.

About GuardMe Security

Hiding your emergency cash requires a little creativity, but you can reduce the chances of a burglary by installing a home security system. GuardMe Security offers quality burglar alarms that deter criminals from entering your home and immediately notify authorities the moment an alarm is triggered, giving them even less time to hunt for your emergency cash.


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