Protecting Your Home from Bad Spring Weather

Don’t let your home and property be the target for damage by lightning. While lightning strikes seem like rare occurrences, they actually happen far more often than people think, and they result in severe consequences.

When it comes to protecting your home from lightning strikes and other foul weather, you should understand that fire is your biggest concern. Each year, the U.S. fire departments across the country put out several fires that were started by lightning. According to the Insurance Information Institute, lightning was responsible for about a quarter-million claims in 2008, a combined $1.065 billion in losses. Don’t let your home and property be the target for damage by lightning.

3 Tips to Protect your Home from Lightning Strikes

The following are expert-recommended lightning protection tips:

  1. Install lightning rods on your roof and tall trees around your home to redirect the path of destructive lightning strikes. Choose lightning rods that are Underwriters Laboratories or National Fire Protection Association approved as these are the only ones that provide a direct path to draw lightning into the ground rather than through the structure of your home.
  2. Install a whole-house surge protection system on your electric panel. This will help protect your appliances and equipment inside the home including computers, entertainment equipment, etc.
  3. Unplug unused electronic equipment and appliances during a lightning storm. Stay away from corded telephones, computers, and other electronics that could put you in direct contact with electricity.

Bad Weather Break-ins

It is very important to understand that when bad weather strikes, break-ins can occur. This is because thieves know that when the electricity is out, there is less risk of getting caught. They think security cameras are down, security systems are disarmed, and they won’t get caught. They are usually right too. That is, unless your home security system has battery backup.

Make sure that your home security system has a backup for electrical outages.

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Wireless signals can get through in even the worst storm, so if you lose your landline protection, you don’t have to be worried about being cut off from your home security monitoring.Learn more about how a home security system offers strong protection in lightning storms. Call the team at GuardMe Security: (800) 235-0644.

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