Are You Really Ready for a Smart Home?

If you have not already jumped into the smart home revolution, you may be holding out because you want to be sure you are really ready. It may be that with a jam-packed schedule, you have not had time to dive in and investigate whether or not home automation technologies can actually meet any of your needs. Don’t worry. It is always good to do your research before buying in to any technology, and even better to make sure that the technology is right for you and your household, great or not.

Professionally designed and integrated home automation technologies are not for everyone, but nearly everyone can benefit from them in a multitude of ways. If you want to determine if home automation fits your lifestyle, ask yourself these important questions.

  1. Does my life get bogged down with tasks that could be simplified?
  2. Am I always sure that I locked the doors?
  3. Does it drive me crazy when I can’t be sure if I turned off an appliance before leaving for the day?
  4. Are my electricity bills higher than they could be?
  5. Is my entertainment system more difficult to use than I like?
  6. Do I have multiple remote controls to manage several systems?
  7. Does my home have more than one thermostat?
  8. Would I benefit from being able to keep better tabs on the kids?
  9. Would making my home look occupied even when I am away be helpful?
  10. Would being able to access my home security system (such as checking video surveillance), even when I am not home be an advantage?
  11. Would being able to control things like lighting, heating and cooling systems, appliances, and security from anywhere at any time provide additional convenience and peace of mind.
  12. Does home automation provide additional safety through lighting, appliance, and security control?
  13. Would setting home automation scenes increase productivity and organization?
  14. Do I provide care to someone who would benefit from a more controlled atmosphere?
  15. Do I provide care for someone that needs additional oversight but also to retain dignity and independence?
  16. Would I like my home to be more welcoming?
  17. Do I travel frequently?
  18. Are there many people going and coming from the home?
  19. Have I had a burglary?
  20. Am I comfortable using mobile devices and apps?

Home automation can seem intimidating at first blush, but the truth is – home automation technologies simplify, not complicate your life. If you answered yes to even a portion of the questions, chances are good that you are ready for home automation technologies.

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Craig Metzger
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