School Security: Make Schools Safer by Working Smarter

“Active-shooter drills on the rise at K-12 schools in the wake of Sandy Hook massacre” – The Denver Post

“Violent incidents involving female students surge on campuses, in schools” – The Washington Post

“2015 school year off to a violent start” – USA Today

Violence in schools and on college campuses continues to rise. Elementary, middle, and high schools have seen an increase in on-site security guards, and university police departments have chosen to hire increasingly more campus police to combat this worrying trend. Superintendents and chancellors throughout the nation know that they face an existential threat and are desperate to find a solution, but in their desperation, many are choosing to simply put more boots on the ground instead of seeking more cost-effective solutions.

Obviously, when it comes to children’s safety, no expense should be spared; however, on many campuses, the solution with the highest monetary return on investment is also the safest for our students.

This rise in violence is a modern problem and must be fought with modern tools. The implementation of virtual guard services and managed access control will provide a much-needed sense of relief, both in the minds of administrators with finite resources and in the minds of parents who send their children off to school every year.

What Can Be Done To Help Schools Be Safer in NJ?

Virtual guard services detect and deter threats and employ trained operators who utilize advanced analytic settings to improve operations and performance. In the event of suspicious activity, operators will challenge the suspect directly, which has been shown to be substantially more effective than only sounding a siren. Experienced security professionals install and configure this system, and, in terms of manpower and capital expense saved, virtual guard services pay for themselves in less than a year.

Campus Security Solutions That Are Available

Managed access control simplifies administration and maintenance and takes access control responsibilities out of the hands of laymen; instead its efficacy relies on trained professionals. Many schools and universities have a rudimentary access control system at best and have no way to verify who has access to anything and no database to manage or administer this access system. Managed access control can provide hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly reports, as well as generate alarm notifications via e-mail or mobile device if someone is somewhere they shouldn’t be. Schools and campuses will also save on the cost of constant re-keying and re-verification. Managed access control affords a state-of-the-art security system to children and college students who desperately need it.

About GuardMe Security

Our hearts go out to those families and victims that have been affected by the recent spate of school shootings. GuardMe Security wants to help. Ultimately, almost all schools and universities will implement some form of these security systems, simply because no administration has the resources to employ a security guard for every student. However, those schools who adopt these essential security tools in the near future will provide a safer environment for children to learn and will have a clear advantage when parents decide where to send their kids. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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