Simplify Your Summer Party With Smart Home Automation

Simplify Your Summer Party With Smart Home Automation

Summer parties are a blast but prepping for them can bring you down. Smart security can save the day by automating some of your tasks and streamlining the party planning process.

Your Video Doorbell and Smart Locks Help You Greet Your Guests

As you’re running around the house making last-minute preparations, an early party guest can be inconvenient. However, your video doorbell makes it easy to see who’s at the door and talk to them using two-way voice. Verify it’s a friend and then simply open the door with the app on your smartphone as you continue your party tasks.

Automatic Lights Brighten You Party

When the sun sets, your security system can automatically turn on the outdoor and indoor lighting to brighten the party. Another essential automated feature of your smart home security system is the auto-setback on your thermostat. It automatically sets the temperature to ‘savings’ mode when the system detects open windows and doors. You don’t need to worry about wasting energy as your guests stroll in and out of your house.

Smart Home Security Provides an Extra Set of Eyes

It’s hard to keep up with the children when your party’s going strong.  There’s so much catching up to do with friends and family, but someone always has to watch the kids out of the corner of their eye.

With smartphone alerts and contact sensors your home security system becomes the eyes in the back of your head. Contact sensors send alerts to your smartphone when the kids stray of course to off-limit spaces. You’ll know where they’ve been because your security system is always watching.

Home Automation Works on Other Devices

Home automation isn’t only available for your smartphone. You can download the app to tablets and even your Apple watch. Wow the crowd by shutting the garage door for the night with your Apple tablet or watch.

Home automation simplifies your life and makes hosting parties easy.

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