Skybell, Where Were You Our Whole Lives?

One of the great things about home automation technology is that there is always some new advance that allows us to do something that we previously only dreamed was possible. One of our favorite examples of that is the development of the video doorbell, Skybell.

What Is Skybell?

Skybell is a wireless video camera, a two-way radio, and a wireless networking module that connects to your home wifi.It allows you to receive alerts that somone is there and to see who is at your door through an app on your smartphone.

Here is why we love it so much.

It is Night Vision Enabled

Night vision is one feature that few video doorbells offer and Skybell trumps them all. The night-vision capable camera can see who is at the door better than we can with our naked eye. It is motion sensor triggered so if anyone comes near your door you will know and be able to address the situation.

It Provides Remote Surveillance

When your doorbell rings, you can answer it from wherever you are. You are able to see who is at the door, but they cannot see you and so assume you are on the premises. This is especially helpful since burglars often use the doorbell to determine if anyone is home before try8ing to gain entry.

Live and Recorded Monitoring

Not only can you use the Skybell as an extra live feed video camera monitoring your home’s exterior, you can also record events in full HD and store the recording for later.

It is Motion Activated

Even if the person does not push the button, Skybell is motion activated and will send an alert to your phone.

GuardMe is a premier provider of monitored home alarms and commercial security systems serving over 80,000 customers. Whether at home or on the go, we at GuardMe feel Skybell is a perfect addition to any home security system. Click here for a special offer on our new doorbell camera.

Craig Metzger
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