Smart Home Parenting with Home Security Alerts

Every so often you just get that feeling that tells you everything is not as it should be. It may be far too quiet, too noisy, or just somehow out of place. Life today provides plenty of distractions, detours and trouble for kids to get into, so there is bound to be some bumps in the road. Of course, we always want to prevent as much trouble as possible. As a parent, the “six sense” comes in handy when it comes to keeping the kids in line but even the most in tune parents can use a little help sometimes.
Fortunately, today’s parents can combat today’s parenting challenges with some awesome and surprising technologies, such as their smart home security system. Even though a strong intuition can prevent a lot of problems, smart home technology is a useful tool in keeping kids safe. Here are a few ways you can enhance the six sense with your smart home security system.

Always Know Where the Kids Are

How many times have you turned around and found that your son or daughter was not where you thought they were. Suddenly seized with fear, you rush around the house calling their names, opening every door and looking in every hiding place. Then there is the great relief when you find them quietly playing outside. If only they had asked to go outside you could have saved yourself from the heart stopping fear. Since we probably can’t get them to remember to let us know where they are, you can set up alerts to let you know when the back door opens and know exactly where they are and when they went there.

Make Some Areas Off Limits

Some areas of the home are nearly impossible to childproof, such as the garage or kitchen. Of necessity, these areas contain tools and equipment that could be dangerous so naturally you would like to have little extra control of those spaces. For areas of the home that you would like to monitor or keep off limits, your home security system is a parent’s best help. When you think of using contact sensors, you typically think of using them on exterior doors, but they actually be used on any door, including closets, cabinets and refrigerator doors. If any of the sensors are triggered, you get an alert and can respond immediately.

Front Door Open Alert

It is easy to forget to shut the front door or miss shutting it tightly after going in and out several times while unloading groceries or other things from the car. While totally innocent, it is a small mistake that can have huge repercussions. The ‘door left open’ alert sounds when the door is open for more than 60 seconds, and possibly prevent a very serious situation.

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Craig Metzger
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