The Benefits of a Security System for Your Vacation Home

You know that a home security system protects your residence, but it could also keep your vacation home safe. In fact, a home security system is critical for a vacation home, especially when it sits for several months at a time unoccupied.

How a Home Security System Protects Your Vacation Property

Home security systems do not just protect your vacation home from burglars while you are away; they can also:

  • Monitor for Carbon Monoxide – If you visit your vacation home during the cooler months, you are going to use a heating unit, which means the threat of carbon monoxide is a lot higher. Your home security system’s built-in carbon monoxide monitoring system can protect you and your loved ones from this silent killer.
  • Deters Thieves – When Daylight Savings occurs, burglars take advantage. They know that the nights are longer and darker, which makes it easier for them to move about and break-in to your property (whether you are in it or not). A home security system will deter thieves and even notify you and authorities of any perimeter breaches.
  • Fire Safety – You can tie a fire alarm into your home security system for maximum protection. Notify authorities immediately when smoke is detected; and hopefully, limit the amount of damage done to your property from a fire.

A Few Tips to Keep Your Vacation Property Safe

  • Check smoke detectors. Test to make sure they are working and replace batteries.
  • Make sure your doors and windows are locked tight before you leave.
  • Visit the property regularly to trim down shrubbery so that burglars do not have places to hide on the premises.
  • Create a neighborhood watch system with other property owners in the area. Take turns checking on one another’s properties while you are away.

About GuardMe Security

To learn more about protecting your vacation home, contact your local home security service. GuardMe Security offers a no-obligation consultation to assess your vacation home and help decide the best way to protect your investment.


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