The Coolest Gifts You Can Give Smart Homeowners This Christmas

Coolest Smart Home Gifts

Smart homeowners love how home automation streamlines processes around the house and makes life more convenient. So, what should you get the homeowners who are already smart homeowners? New technology that changes the way they interact with their home automation!

Smart Speakers Do More for the Home Than Play Music

Smart speakers aren’t like ordinary speakers. Products like Google Home, the Apple Homepod, and Amazon’s Echo let you do incredible things. You can order food, get the weather forecast, and operate the lighting in your house all through this hub.

These speakers work using voice recognition, making it possible for them to understand commands and act on them. Each speaker system works a little differently, but they share the same basics. Once your smart homeowner friends see that they can change the temperature in the house or turn on their smart lights without moving, they’ll say your present was the best they received.

The Smartwatch

The Apple smartwatch continues to get better as technology advances, and this is the best version yet. Many smart home alarm systems let you operate your security system through an app.

One of the best parts of a smart security system is the ability to set up customized alerts for possible security incidents. The Taptic feedback allows you to feel alerts that your system sends to your smart devices. This watch gives you the simplest control over your home possible, whether you’re at work, the grocery store, or home.

Digital TV Devices Let You See Your Home at a Glance

The Apple TV console and Amazon Firestick let you stream your favorite shows and movies as well as show you what’s happening around the house. These devices allow you to download apps on your television, including your security system app. Use your remote control to open the alarm app and click on it to view up to four feeds from your security cameras at a time.

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