Using Home Automation Preset is Your Key to Simplicity

One of the best reasons to have home automation is to have a home that works for you. That’s the beauty of smart technologies– it provides tremendous flexibility in setting the stage for life to happen just the way you need, and want. One of the ways that happens is by setting the stage using home automation preset tools. Using preset settings or scenes you can preset things like lighting, temperature, and electronics to meet the needs of particular situations. Check out some of these useful preset suggestions.

Welcome Home

Isn’t it nice to be welcomed home after a long day to a home’s embrace? This preset does just that. Try these tips.

  • Use geo-fencing to have the system respond to your presence and prepare the home as you draw near.
  • Turn-off the home security system.
  • Turn on the interior lights.
  • Turn on the porch or walkway lights.
  • Open the garage door.
  • Adjust the temperature using temperature sensors.
  • Unlock the smart locks.


Getting enough and quality sleep impacts everything from productivity to physical and mental health. Why not use your home to help facilitate better sleep patterns? Here’s how.

  • Turn off main lighting.
  • Turn off televisions and electronics.
  • Adjust the temperature using temperature sensors.
  • Closes the smart garage door.
  • Lock the doors using smart locks.
  • Use motion sensored lighting to activate lighting when needed.
  • Activate the video surveillance system.
  • Activate the home security alarm system.

Great Start Mornings

Getting the morning off to a great start sets the tone for the entire day, so why not use preset to get the day started right? Here are some great ways to make that happen.

  • Have the temperature adjust to encourage getting out of bed.
  • Use the lighting to simulate a sunrise.
  • Have enabled appliances, such as coffee pots, get the day started.
  • Use home automation preset options to turn on music or have the television turn on so you can catch the news.


If you have a baby at home, you know just how sensitive they are to lights, temperature and noise. Using a baby setting is probably a parent’s best tool in a happy, well rested baby.

  • Turn off lighting for naptime.
  • Keep the temperature perfect for baby, not too warm or cold.
  • Turn on an enabled whitenoise device.
  • Turn on smart cameras
  • Turn on motion sensors

Visitor Mode

Keep things safe and comfortable for your guests.

  • Turn on walkway lighting.
  • Light up the porch.
  • Have music set to party playlist.

Relaxation Mode

We all need down time…

  • Smart lighting preset dims lights.
  • Use the preset setting to have other lights and appliance turn off.
  • Have the music or television turn on.

Away Settings

Getting off to work or school is always a flurry of activity where lots can get forgotten in the shuffle. Use away scenes to keep everything in check.

  • Turn off lights
  • Turn off appliances
  • Adjust temperature with the smart thermostat.
  • Have the smart garage door close as you leave.
  • Arm the smart security system.

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Using preset scenes simplifies the flow of your day. It is a simple act that can empower your day and help fuel your life. Based in NJ, Guardme Security can help you take control of your days with interactive smart security that fits your needs and your life.


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