Using Your Security System to Make Guests Feel Welcome

It’s that time of year when many homeowners are expecting out of-town-guests. You want the environment to feel welcoming and safe for these friends and loved ones, but you also want to impress them with the great technology you have in your home. Fortunately, there is home security equipment that can help you do both. Here’s how hosts can use their smart home security systems to both welcome and impress guests this winter. 

Give them a unique user code.

With a unique user code for keyless entry into the home, your guests can come and go freely without any worries about lost keys or accidentally triggering the alarm. This is great for hosts as well; you can sidestep the hassle of handing out spare keys, and go to bed no matter what time your guests are coming back from a night out – no need to stay up to let them in. After they go back home, just deactivate their user code so it won’t work until the next time they visit.

Keep the guest room comfortable.

A snowy scene looks beautiful through the window, but you want your guests to stay in a warmed up home. That’s where one of the most exciting devices in your smart home system, the remote temperature sensor, comes to the rescue.

The guest bedroom can stay a comfortable temperature more easily when you utilize this sensor; after all, homeowners don’t always know what the climate of their guest room is. Help your guests stay cozy at night by placing the temperature sensor in the room they’re staying in; this will ensure that the thermostat will adjust based on an average temperature in the rest of the home. If it turns out that the guest room is your home’s “cold room,” the smart temperature sensor will take care of it. 

Demystify your security cameras.

They’re incredibly popular, and yet some people are still getting comfortable with home security cameras. If your guests are in that category, then making an effort to demystify your cameras may be a good way to make them feel at home while they’re visiting.

How can you do this? Show them your home security app, including the settings. When guests see how easy the Geo-Services technology makes restricting the indoor cameras from recording when people are home, they’re bound to feel more comfortable.

If any of this technology is not yet part of your home security setup, we can help. Contact GuardMe Security for a complimentary home security consultation. We would love to show you what’s possible.

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