What Remote Video Monitoring Can Do For Your Business

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Remote video monitoring is a service that many organizations consider, and for good reason. Here are some of the most beneficial things remote video monitoring can do for the security of a large commercial property.

Prevent Property Crime

From schools to hospitals to business complexes, large campuses are often prime targets for criminal activity. That’s why remote video monitoring is ideal for these types of properties; it’s fully integrated crime prevention technology that sends a clear message to thieves, vandals and loiterers: Don’t even try it. Not here.

Supplement Live Security

Live security guards work hard to keep our local institutions safe; however, even the best officers can’t be in two places at once. With remote video monitoring, security guards can stay at their posts with the assurance that remote areas of the property are still being closely observed. When there’s a security event in a monitored area, it triggers an alert; the response can range from a voice-down warning to the location, to an alarm activation or a notification to the live security staff. It’s designed to help a security force cover all its bases.

Lower Security Costs

Furthermore, hiring a fleet of security guards can be a costly endeavor. Many organizations find that remove video monitoring costs a fraction of the amount they would spend on extra security guards. For employers that need to manage the bottom line – and these days, that’s every employer – supplementing existing security with remote video monitoring can make good financial sense. Some choose to use the service afterhours only, while others use it as their weekend security service. Remote video monitoring is scalable according to the security needs of the property it’s protecting.

Remote video monitoring is just one security service, but it’s a powerful one that can fill substantial gaps to keep properties secure from crime. To learn more, contact GuardMe Security. We will be glad to answer your remote video monitoring questions.

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