3 Essential Outdoor Security Products to Make You Summer Safer

3 Essential Outdoor Security Products to Make You Summer Safer

Summer is the time for late-night parties and cookouts as well as long vacations. Property crimes such as larceny and burglary spike significantly during the summer. Absentee homeowners and open doors and windows contribute to this increase in criminal activity. Outdoor security equipment connected to your smart home security system protects your home even when you’re away.

1.     Smart Security Cameras

Outdoor security cameras let you see what’s happening outside your home whether you’re on vacation or inside the house. The technology has advanced greatly, and now these cameras can differentiate between vehicles, people, and animals, thus reducing false alarms. Customize your alerts so that you only monitor what’s important to you.

Outdoor security cameras let would-be criminals know that someone’s always watching your house. Most burglars won’t attempt to break into homes with security systems.

2.     Brighten Dark Areas with Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is an outdoor security essential. When your security system detects suspicious activity outside, it triggers your outside lights to turn on.

This process is helpful in several ways. First, if there is an intruder in your yard, the automatic lighting shines right on them.  Then the outside cameras capture an excellent image of the person. It also brightens your entire yard eliminating dark places where criminals like to hide.

You can also create a schedule for your security system that automatically turns the outside lights on when you’re gone. Lights on in the evening are a signal that someone is home.

3.     Video Doorbell

A video doorbell is one of the best deterrents for the front of your house. Motion triggered alerts, two-way vocal communication, and live video allow you to identify visitors and speak to them no matter where you are. If you’re expecting guests or a package, just verify who’s at your door. Then unlock it for visitors or direct the delivery person where to leave the package.

A complete smart home security system is one of the best investments in your home that you can make. It protects your property and family 24/7.

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