How a Smart Security System Simplifies Your Summer Home Renovation

Simplifies Your Summer Home Renovation

Are stressed out about your home renovation because you have to keep leaving work to open the door for a contractor? Or maybe your worried about the security of your house during the renovation process. We have a comprehensive solution for you to ease your stress: smart home security.

Video Feeds and Alerts Keep You Informed

Now you can check if your plumber actually stayed four hours like he said he did. Activity alerts will notify you when some one is late or if they don’t show up at all. There’s a complete history of activity for you home on your security dashboard in case you need to refer back to it.

Two-way voice communication, visual alerts, and live video allow you to convey important information without a phone call. If you haven’t moved in and hooked up internet yet, image sensors with cellular connections are available.

Smart Locks Allow You to Unlock Doors Remotely

Most projects require continued support from contractors. Smart home security has you covered there as well. Install smart locks and connect them to your security system so that you can open the door remotely with your smartphone.

Tell the electrician to ring the video doorbell when he arrives, and you can verify through video feed who it is before unlocking the door. Even more convenient, you can make a four-digit security code that lets contractors in during certain hours. Delete it from the system when the contractor finished their work or set it to auto-expire.

Lock Up with One Touch

Thieves like vacant properties and break in to steal tools and supplies. Add professional home security monitoring to that someone guards your home all of the time. The security system immediately notifies the monitoring station if there’s a break in and sends you alerts if it detects suspicious activity.

Disarming and arming your alarm is simple. Create a scene command for your phone and it tells the system to lock up and set the alarm at the end of the workday.

smart home simplifies your life. It protects your house and property even when you’re not there.

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