Simple Home Security Tips For The Summer

When the temperature climbs, the conditions are perfect for summer fun. After all, who doesn’t love a nice afternoon on the couch with a warm breeze coming in through the open window? But the laid back attitude of summer can cause some unforeseen problems. Vacations, backyard barbecues, block parties, and warm days can all lull residents into a false sense of security that leaves them vulnerable to crime.

Criminals love the summer because they know that residents are gone from home frequently and are less vigilant about safety practices. Protecting your family and home is a serious matter, even during summer. Here are our top tips for staying safe.

Lock Your Doors

Even if you are just going to the store for a few minutes, or in the back doing yard work, be sure to lock your doors. A criminal could use your distraction to walk in and grab easily accessible valuables.

Close the Garage Door

The summer months find many residents working on home improvements. While working around the home and yard, it is easy to leave the garage open and provide easy access to your car, power tools and other belongings. Even if you will be gone for just a moment, close that door and deter crime.

Never Leave Windows Open

As tempting as it may be to let that breeze come through the home, never leave the windows open when you leave the house. A better choice to to use home automation to keep the house at the perfect temperature.

Don’t Invite Crime

Avoid leaving toys out in the front yard. Not only does it invite them to get stolen, it also signals that you have children and likely a lot of highly accessible electronics on hand, something easily taken from your home.

Take Extra Precautions if You go on Vacation

Homes are especially vulnerable when residents are away on vacation. If you are going to be one for an extended period of time, make an extra effort to burglar-proof your home.

  • Keep shrubs and trees trimmed back
  • Have a yard maintenance company keep the yard looking fresh
  • Remove window air conditioners from the window
  • Use home automation to look and sound home
  • Keep quiet about your plans on social media
  • If you have a trusted neighbor, have them watch the home

One of the best ways to protect your home is by having a home security system installed. GuardMe is a premier provider of monitored home alarms and commercial security systems serving New Jersey. We are pleased to serve you.

Craig Metzger
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