Smart Home Security and Home Automation Can Help Watch This Kids This Summer

Smart Home Security and Home Automation Can Help Watch This Kids This Summer

When the kids are home alone this summer, it’s hard not to worry about their safety. Are they letting unapproved visitors in the house or leaving the doors and windows open increasing your utility bills? Smart home automation and security are the perfect tools to help you watch the children even if you’re at work.

Easy Access Without Hiding a Key

Gone are the days of hiding keys somewhere outside for the kids. Smart home security allows you to assign each family member a unique code to access the house at any time. Set up alerts on your smartphone, and the system will send you alerts to let you know who entered the house and when. It helps you keep track of the kids. You’ll look like a magician when you can tell them you know they were late even when you weren’t home.

It Helps Reduce Security Expenses

The kids are having too much fun to remember to shut doors and windows. All you can think of is how high your summer utility costs will be. The security system knows when a window or door is left open and triggers the smart thermostat to set back to the energy-saving mode. The smart thermostat doesn’t reset back to your ideal comfort setting until someone shuts the door or window. The system can even send you alerts so that you can tell the kids to correct the problem.

Secure the Outside of Your House

You can use security sensors outside the house as well as on the backyard gate. Whenever someone opens the gate, you’ll receive alerts on your smartphone whether you’re home or not. It also helps you keep tabs on the dog. With cameras in the backyard, you can view live feed to see what’s going on or use automatic lighting to illuminate the yard if someone opens the gate.

Smart home security performs more functions than simply keeping your family safe. Pair it with home automation, and you can create scenes for common actions such as locking up the house at night and setting the alarm. Together they streamline household processes and make chores easier.

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