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Spring Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Home Safe

April 8, 2018

No one really looks forward to spring cleaning, but it is that annual task that must be done. While you are scrubbing away the grime of the year, polishing the floors and dusting blinds, use this opportunity to make your home a safe haven too. The following are the best ways you can make your…

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3 Vintage Home Security Devices that No Longer Work

April 7, 2018

In today’s sophisticated security climate, criminals have become more sophisticated too. That means that many things we once considered tried-and-true security devices are no longer useful; in fact, they are downright not smart anymore. Our home security company believes it’s high time to retire these three “old school” security practices: Keys Under the Mat Even…

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Comparing Home Security Systems and Services

April 2, 2018

Home security solutions are constantly evolving as new technology emerges. Each type of system has its own unique features that set it apart from others. Once you start comparing security systems, you may notice that there are plenty of variables to make the job even more difficult. From pricing to packages to monitoring options and equipment; there are many factors to consider and compare.

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Protecting Your Home from Bad Spring Weather

March 29, 2018

Don’t let your home and property be the target for damage by lightning. While lightning strikes seem like rare occurrences, they actually happen far more often than people think, and they result in severe consequences. 

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Home Security Checks to Perform Before Taking Spring Vacation

March 27, 2018

While you are on vacation this Spring Break enjoying the great weather and school-free days, your home will be sitting there empty. Before heading out on vacation, make sure you take a few safety precautions, including:

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Safety Precautions to Consider While Your Home is For Sale

March 22, 2018

Homes on the market are ideal for burglars – especially with the Internet giving them a sneak peek at what is inside. If your home is on the market or about to be, there are a few things to keep in mind so you can keep your home safe.

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The Benefits of a Security System for Your Vacation Home

March 18, 2018

You know that a home security system protects your residence, but it could also keep your vacation home safe. In fact, a home security system is critical for a vacation home, especially when it sits for several months at a time unoccupied.

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Does Your Home Security System Need a Spring Makeover?

March 14, 2018

From home management systems to energy savings and even video surveillance, is your existing system up-to-date?

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How Home Security Makes Life Less Stressful

March 10, 2018

Alarm systems do not just protect your home, they make your life easier. Whether you own a business or home, today’s alarm system is meant to make life stress-free.

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Kitchen Safety Checklist for Parents

March 7, 2018

If your little ones are going to join you in the kitchen, make sure to follow these essentials for a safer, family-friendly kitchen.

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