When a Burglar Smashes Your Security Panel

If a burglar breaks into your house and smashes your security panel to disable it, can your system still do its job? If you have made the choice to include crash and smash protection as an enhancement to your service, then the answer is yes. Let’s look at how burglars view crash and smash break-ins, and how an added layer of protection can suppress crash and smash attempts.

How Burglars View Crash and Smash Break-Ins

When carrying out a crash and smash break-in attempt, a burglar’s plan is to destroy the security panel to keep the system from signaling for help. The idea is to take advantage of the system’s time delay, which is the 30 to 60 second window that gives the homeowner time to disarm the system before the alarm sounds or the signal is sent to the monitoring center. By smashing the panel, the burglar thinks that the system will not sound the alarm or send the signal. The good news for homeowners is this: With crash and smash protection, that’s not exactly what happens.

No Sound, But Still a Signal

While it’s true that the alarm won’t sound when the burglar smashes the panel, crash and smash protection does preserve the signal. Thanks to cloud security technology, the system will signal for help regardless. More good news for the homeowner: You’ll still receive a smartphone alert about the break-in, but the burglar will remain in the dark until help arrives because the alarm won’t sound.
Crash and smash burglaries happen, but crash and smash protection makes sure you still get the help you need. To learn more about this enhancement to your home security system, call GuardMe Security today. We look forward to answering your questions.

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