Home Security in a Time of Social Distancing

In this time of social distancing, the need to stay connected to the people we love is critical. If you’re a homeowner who takes advantage of smart home security, then you have technology on your side. While the video conferencing tools you’re using can help you stay connected to work, your home security technology can help you stay connected to family. Here are some ideas.

Smart Home Security Cameras

If you’re a parent who is called to be an essential worker during this crisis, you need a way to see what’s going on at home while you’re away. Your smart home security cameras can be the solution. With the motion sensor camera at your front door, you’ll know whether the kids are:
  • Staying in the house like they’re supposed to
  • Following national guidelines for social distancing from friends
  • Keeping themselves fed with delivery services, and making sure the food is being dropped at the door without contact

Motion Sensor Smartphone Alerts

If there’s any motion at the front door, your smart home security camera sends an alert to your phone whenever motion is detected. At that moment, you can view the video clip to see who was at the door or leaving the house. This is a great way to make sure kids are honoring the rules during this serious time.

Wellness Monitoring for Older Loved Ones

Of course, many of us need to keep an eye on older loved ones as well. During this time of mandated separation, there’s home security technology for that as well. One solution is the Wellcam, which is a video camera with a call-out button and two-way voice capability. With the Wellcam, your parents or grandparents can directly connect to you with the push of a button rather than the phone.

Alerts that Inform You of Changes

When you are listed as the authorized person on your loved one’s account, the Wellcam will send you an alert for a variety of issues – whether it’s unusual activity happening at night, failing to take medication, or other changes in activity patterns that may point to a deterioration in your loved one’s quality of life. In a time of social distancing from the people you care for most, this technology can be a lifeline.
To learn more about home security technology that keeps your family connected right now, contact the GuardMe Security team. We look forward to helping you.

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