Make Your Holiday Guests Feel Welcome with Smart Home Security System

It’s common to have guests stay with you over the holidays and making them feel welcome is incredibly important. A smart home security system takes the stress out of holiday hosting and makes your guests feel like they’re at the next closest place to home.

Give Your Guests the Freedom to Come and Go with Unique User Codes

Smart home security gives you a lot of control over your house, including the ability to assign unique user codes to guests so that they can come and go when they want to. Instead of dealing with the annoyance of making extra house keys and passing them out, assign each guest a personal security code to come and go.

The freedom to leave and come back when they want to allows them to do things on their own schedule. You can also set the security system to send you an alert when they use their code, so you know when they’re at the house or gone. Set the code to expire when they leave town.

Help Your Guests Feel Safe with Smart Security Cameras

Smart home security cameras can make people feel uncomfortable when they’re not used to them. They don’t like the idea of cameras watching their every move. However, you can open up the security app on your phone and show them it’s easy to keep the cameras from recording when everyone is home. Give them a tour of your complete security system because they may be ready to purchase their own smart home security products.

Make Sure Your Guests Can Access Wi-Fi Easily

Everyone has hi-tech gadgets, and Wi-Fi is the norm today. Create a welcome basket for your guests with an extra phone charger, earphones, and include a note with the Wi-Fi password. It’s a simple tip, but an important one.

You can give them a charging station in the spare bedroom with a welcome basket and easy access to an electrical outlet.

Sometimes it’s the little things that show guests you really care.  Smart home security takes the stress out of the holidays. It helps your visiting friends and family feel welcome and makes you the best host.

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